Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas 2010

I've been a little busy...

Ok, so Christmas! Christmas this year was OK. It feels weird to say Christmas was only OK, but it's the truth. We were house sitting during Christmas and New Years. Almost a three week stay! So after decorating my house and getting a new tree and making everything look and feel festive we ended up spending the holidays without a single Santa, Manger Scene or Christmas light in sight. Kind of a bummer. So we woke up Christmas morning, got dressed and walked down to our house where we opened presents. It was a bit strange.
 Coen got all kinds of goodies in his stocking! Sunglasses, a new toothbrush, a puzzle or two and lacing beads!

 Daniel got a shirt with french cuffs and some cuff links.Pretty snazzy! Daniel got me some books off of my Amazon Wish list! Hoorah!
 LOVE this Bible!! More on it later!

Then we packed up our things and headed to Grammy and Gramps' house. Coen kept his Christmas Eve jammies on. Christmas Eve jammies? Anyone else do this? It's a tradition in my family that we got to open one gift on Christmas Eve and it was always a new pair of pajamas! We're continuing this in our little family!
 The stockings at Grammy and Gramps' house had chocolate in them....
 See how happy he is? :)

Present time!!
 Coen gave gifts to all of the grandmothers this year. Calenders!! With pictures from every month of his first two years! Coen loves looking at pictures of himself. ;)
 Gramps and his stocking!
 Postman Coen! This is such a neat toy by Melissa and Doug.
 See these faces? These faces say, "I just opened a box containing jewelry!" .
 Mountain Man!! Daniel loves his new warm hunting wear!
 Oh-la-la!! Mom and her new mixer!! The machine really is a beautiful thing to behold.
 Becky and Julie! Don't I have the prettiest sisters!?!
 Watch out!
 Wallace even had a few gifts! New duds! Are babies really this small?!?
Coen loves this book! I snapped a pic of dad reading to him after all of the gift giving was over!
Later my Dad's side of the family came over and we ate an amazing Christmas dinner. I stopped taking pictures because I got a flip HD camera (holla!) and everything from that point on is in video form. Haven't loaded the video yet, but hopefully soon! Hope your Christmas was great too!

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Emily said...

we do Christmas eve jammies too and we wear them all day on christmas. No real clothes allowed.