Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Tyme in Aledo

I love living in a small town and this is one of the reasons why! Tiny, simple, family oriented celebrations. This year was Coen's first time to attend.
First stop was the petting zoo put on by the 4H group out here. 50 cents and free feed. Of course the animals had been way overfed by the time we showed up, but they were fun to watch.
Right in the gate Coen fearlessly ran up to the biggest, fattest goat I had ever seen. (dressed like a gingerbread house?) Animal never flinched!
More gingerbread goats. He loved it!
Goat, chicken, cow...

 Next we popped into one of the local churches to warm up! Cookies, hot cider, carols and crafts. Coen LOVED making his jingle bell necklace. SO glad I got him lacing beads for Christmas!

Meanwhile, some heavenly scent came wafting through the doors. My pregnant self might have knocked down a few kids tracking it down...
Meat. On. Stick.

Nuff said. 
$1.00 each and benefiting the local food pantry...yes, please!! Best sausage ever. Coen loved it too!
Here are my two special guys in front of the town "strip" I guess you would call it. A new salon and a florist shop has been added and, boy howdy, they were some pretty fantastic places! More cookies and hot cider, window shopping, locals playing Christmas songs on their guitars, kids roasting marshmallows over fire pits, horse drawn hayrides....good, clean, country fun.
Hiking back to the car, cold and ready for bed. :)

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Lori said...

looks like so much fun! That was one of the things I loved about Snyder. The 4th of July celebration was awesome and I bet they do Christmas well too. Coen is getting so big and cute as ever!