Sunday, August 16, 2009

Splish Splash

Well, with the hot weather around here I'll bet you can't guess what we've been spending our outside time doing? Ok, hopefully you guessed something that has to do with water. That's what I was hinting at anyway. Yeah, splashing in the swimming pool is one of Coen's favorite things to do! So I snapped some pretty cute pictures!!

Then we finally took Dad's fishing boat out for a spin around the lake. It was really fun! We kinda maxed out the weight limit on it though. :) We bought Coen a life jacket, and we put on his brave face and wore it the whole time! I was going crazy just seeing him in it!

Then Julie and I took a trip down to Lake Granbury to sit on the "beach" there and get some sun! Coen came along too. I realized that he had never seen sand before. It was funny to watch him look at it! Plus he got at least one more use out of his float!!

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