Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zoo Fun!!

It's family vacation week!! Daniel and I have wanted to take Coen to the zoo and this week seemed like a perfect time to do just that. There was NO ONE around! It was almost like having a zoo all to ourselves! We had a BLAST. Probably the most fun Daniel or I have had in a lloonngg time.
Coen was wonderful. He hung in there like a real trooper, despite the heat. :) He didn't really know to look at the animals though. Fortunately there were little streams, waterfalls, and various shrubbery all over the place, which he loved. :D HAHA! Seriously, we would be forty feet away from an animal and he would be grinning at a flowering bush. He enjoyed the monkeys and the birds though.
We took tons of pictures!!

Once Coen turned ten months old everything clicked. He's crawling all over the place, talking a lot more frequently and tons of other things. He's so much fun! One reason we had such a great time at the zoo was that Coen is a lot easier to handle. We've been to the Kimball Art Museum and we are off to the Dallas World Aquarium tomorrow! More to come!

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