Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Wow, once I missed a few days of blogging it was easy to miss a lot. We've been doing so much here too. May and June are always busy months around here because both of my sisters have birthdays and then there is Mother's Day and Father's Day. Plus all of the stuff in between.... sigh. Anyway, let's catch up!
We fed some ducks and geese,

Julie turned 25,

Becky Turned 24,

and we all spent TOO much time on Farm Town.
Coen wore his first boots! A gift from Gramps!

He got to wear the little sailor outfit I got as a gift when I was about three mos. pregnant. I knew he would never be able to wear it, but because he's so small it fit!
Plus, lots of other things, but that will all have to come later. Back to the grind stone!!


The Murray's said...

Cowboy boots for babies? They really do make everything now! They are SO cute on him! And he looks so happy to be wearing them... you definitely have a future cowboy on your hands!

Emily said...

Those boots are SO cute! They wouldn't really fit in around Detroit though ;)