Wednesday, June 24, 2009

San Marcos

My Mom, my sister Julie, Coen and I all went on a weekend trip to San Marcos, Texas to take advantage of the outlet malls. It was sooo much fun. We drove down on Friday, checked into the hotel and then headed to Gruene to have diner at Gristmill. I had never been to Gruene and I hope that wasn't my last time to be there. It's like a bigger, better Luckenbach!
We got back to the hotel late and hit the sack, hoping to get an early start in the morning. Unfortunately the mall didn't open until 10! So after a HUGE breakfast in the hotel dining area, we packed up and headed out. We were some of the first ones there. I definitely didn't realize how big the place was, because by two o'clock we had only made it to a few stores. It was very busy and VERY hot! Coen was AMAZING though. He never cried or had a sleepy meltdown. It was really something. Gold star for him! We gathered our thoughts and planned out a strategy over lunch and were able to hit the stores we really wanted to make it to. We left a lot later than we wanted. :) Mom and Julie scored big time at the Bath and Body Works Outlet and I got Coen lots of cheap clothes! I made out with a few shirts and a CUTE pair of tan, kitten heel slingbacks, WITH a buckle on the toe! Yes I did! Mom and Julie are so camera shy that they demanded I not take pictures. Poo. :) But here are a few!

Coen looking at his favorite book on the trip down.

Must Harvest!!

Saturday morning! Happy 8 month birthday!!

Us at breakfast.

Score at Bath and Body Works!

Mom and Julie at lunch.

A happy shopper! Here with his "Reward Rhino" Aunt Julie bought him for being so good!

New P.J.'s! Perfect for the late trip home!


Stephanie said...

How fun! I haven't been to San Marcos since the day after our wedding. We stopped on our way to San Antonio for our honeymoon.

Lucy and Ben have that same book, and love it. Reading books is pretty much our only entertainment when traveling. I'll be sad if that ever changes...

bimw said...

What a fun weekend!! Where is Baby's Belly Button? - that was one of Trevor and Zoe's faves too!!

Brent and Keri Osterberg said...

Oh What FUN! I have been there only once and it was raining...but we still had a blast.

..Stephanie, Brent and I honeymooned to San Antonio as well! What a perfect spot. :)

Coen is so cute - I can't believe he is so old! :) Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow night!!