Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

What a wonderful three day weekend. Stress free since Daniel passed his test. I did all of the dishes and cleaned the house on Friday so nothing had to be done all weekend! It was wonderful!

On Friday we lounged around and rented some videos. On Saturday Daniel and I had eye doctor appointments. I knew my vision was terrible and I made a little crack to the doc asking, "So am I legally blind?". "Oh you're waaaay past legally blind", she said. What?!?!? After that she asked me to stand up and go put my contacts in at the little sink in the room. I found the sink. Barely. Time for lasik. On a brighter note the receptionist told us the Coen was the cutest baby that had been their office as of yet! HA! After lunch mom came and picked up Coen so I could take Daniel to see Star Trek. It was great. We're not Trekkies but we've watched the old episodes on tv. Good movie.

On Sunday we made it to church on time. Finally. Then we went to the park. Coen's first time! He couldn't really do anything but I wanted Daniel to be there for the first time we went.

He liked the swings ok, but he loved this little music thing. He actually played with it! For once he wouldn't smile for a pic.

Later that evening we went to Cracker Barrel. Love that place. It's funny because the last time we went to Cracker Barrel it was just Daniel and I, the day before the c-section. Our last meal out as a party of two. :) What a change. Before Coen came we sat, gazing into each others eyes and talking about how our lives were going to change forever the next day. We grazed on biscuits and jam. Packed up our leftovers and strolled through the store together. This time we spent forty five minutes figuring out the "antique style" high chair. Coen was screeching at the top of his lungs. A new trick of his. I fed him Daniel's applesauce to keep him quiet and once Daniel finished eating he took Coen out to browse through the store so I could hork down the rest of my meal in silence. Ahh memories.

On Monday we invited my family over for diner.
Dr. Presnall came down too, which was a treat! Also, Becky, my littlest sis, made it from Stephenville as a surprise!
We cooked hot dogs on the grill and set up the seven dollar kiddie pool for Coen.

We ate blackberry cobbler made from the blackberries we picked. After Coen went to bed we sat outside in the cool weather shootin' the breeze and watching fireflies. All in all it was a wonderfully relaxing weekend.


Emily said...

where'd you get a $7 pool??

Amy said...

Wal-mart! :)