Monday, March 2, 2009

L is for Lift

For weeks and weeks now I have been encouraging Coen to "lift your head"! We've all tried to force him to have tummy time but he just hates it! He gives up and just screams. I hate to hear it, so I pick him up. At his 4 month check up the doctor told me to "put him on his tummy three times a day for twenty minutes at a time". HA! I just decided to carry him on my hip and give him a lot more sit up time to strengthen those neck muscles. Today, though, I rolled him onto his tummy and proped him up on his elbows and waited for the wailing. It never came. Coen was holding his head up high and looking around everywhere and ....smiling!! I couldn't believe it! My camera is full of pictures to I grabbed the video camera. Totally got it on tape. He sat there looking around and smiling for a good 5-8 min.! Hooray!

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