Thursday, February 26, 2009

K is for Kisses

Im not much of a touchy person. Affection is great, but eventually I start to feel crowded and clostrophobic. If Coen has inherited this from me he had better get over it quick, because until he came I never thought I could kiss and cuddle something more. I mean, I love kissin' and cuddlin' my Daniel, but sometimes his beard gets scratchy, and sometimes his head gets heavy and he radiates too much heat! Coen, on the other hand is the perfect size, weight, smell, and warmth. I'll fall asleep and never get anything done if I cuddle him too much. I kiss him everywhere!! It's got to be therapudic or something. Daniel used to say (before we had Coen) that if we had a boy he wouldn't kiss him. He would give hugs, high fives and shake hands, because that's what men do. Hmmmm, I'll let you guess weither or not he stuck to that one. ;)

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