Monday, February 9, 2009

F is for Fingers

Coen has definately found his fingers this month. Of course he's been putting his thumb,fists and fingers in his mouth since the hospital, but this is different. He just stares at his hands from time to time and he is constantly putting his fingers in his mouth. He's pretty happy with the three on his right hand. Sometimes he will stick them too far into his mouth and gag himself. It's so funnny! Of course this new attraction has given me something else to worry about. GERMS!!! The other day a lady at the grocery store was oogling over him (can you blame her?), but she touched his hands. Ahhh! Now her nose picking, hiney scratching, money touching germs are all over my kids hands, which he puts into his mouth!!! Oh well, I guess we have to start working on building up our immune system at some point.

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Julie said...

F is for FLIPPIN' FUNNY! I love reading your blogs!