Wednesday, February 11, 2009

G is for Grandparents

Gramps and Grammy to be exact. I have always been thankful for the parents that I have. Even when I was a kiddo, and a horrifically ungrateful teenager I knew I was blessed with wonderful parents. My appreciation for the both of them has grown into different levels over the past 10 years. First a college student, an engaged woman (or child!), a wife and now a mother. Each new phase sheds more light on how fundamental they have been in my life. Now I can appreciate them on a whole new level, as Coen's grandparents. They both just adore Coen and I know he is going to love going to Gramps and Grammy's house when he gets older. It's a wonderful feeling to know your child will have loving and godly grandparents. Having the type of parents I have is a necessity for every child, and having those parents become awesome grandparents to your children is the icing on the cake.

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JustinP8 said...

That really is a blessing! I hope to start this trend when Ashley and I are parents. Their grandparents will be great for the most part, I just think we both had some fundamental flaws in our parenting. We both had at least one good parent though, so it could have been worse.