Sunday, January 25, 2009

E is for Eco Friendly

Well nothing has happened to us that begins with "E". I know. No explosions, earthquakes, excavations, experiments, enabling or enduring endeavors ....fortunately. I was, however, looking at a catalog today that contained alot of Eco friendly items. I figured a good little blog would be to share some of my favorite green sites. Again, let me state, that I'm not getting on this "green kick" because it's cool right now. I don't believe this whole global warming thing. The earth has been slowly warming for thousands of years. I'm just excited to see healthy organic solutions to everyday issues. We should be mindful to take are of the world God has created. Besides, it's better for us! I'm not completely green or anything. When my dog got fleas in our house about a year ago, I was ready to endure serious toxicity to kill all of those nasty little turds. It's fun to find alternatives though. Anywho, here ya go!

The Dirt Doctor!
Green Living
Rain Water Harvesting
Green Feet

I'm running out of free time! I'll have to add more later!

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JustinP8 said...

About the only green thing Ashley and I do is use those cloth bags at the Grocery store, and donate as much of the stuff we don't want to Goodwill. The grocery bags for Tom Thumb are nice, and only cost $1. We acquired enough for most grocery trips, though we often forget them. They hold more than plastic bags and are thus easier to take in. The baggers hate them though...they're not as easy to deal with. We often wind up with some plastic bags anyway. Still, I'd recommend cloth bags to anyone, for any store. Maybe even just some plain ones that you can take anywhere. I'm pretty sure just about anyone will use them, I saves their company money.