Tuesday, January 20, 2009

C is for Child Care (2 points)

Yikes. I worked in child care for ten years and have rolled my eyes at the mothers who bawl their eyes out in the hallway when they drop off their two year old on the first day of school. The ones who won't leave. Who hide in the hall and sneak peaks. Probably having a more difficult time accepting the fact that their child isn't as torn up about their leaving as they are. Of course it would make perfect sense that I would end up being one of those women. Wouldn't it?
In all fairness my child isn't two, he's three mos. old exactly (today actually). I haven't left him anywhere yet. Only my mom's. Dan and I got asked to do children's church at our church next weekend. I have to leave Coen in the nursery. I don't think I can do it! I mean, he's always with me! What if he thinks I abandoned him or something!?! It's completely irrational I know. He'll probably just sleep all of the time, never knowing that I am gone. But what if he's awake and lying on the floor and a crawling child comes up to him and hits him with something? It happens! I've seen it! I'm going to start crying right now just thinking about it! Someone slap me!
Really the workers in the nursery are fabulous. If I had to leave Coen with any non-family member it would be them. Sigh.
Dan and I are going to join the "Y". We went down and took the tour. The woman showing us around makes a b-line for the nursery. What?!? Ummm, excuse me. Can't she see that the baby I am holding is only two and a half mos.? What's that? You can start dropping your child off at five weeks? Mmmhmm. No thanks.
Coen at least needs to be able to sit up before I think I'll even think about sending him somewhere. Even that makes me break out into a cold sweat. Will it be too obvious if I strap a nanny cam to his forehead?


JustinP8 said...

Wow, that boy has some hair already doesn't he?

Also, kudos for the 2 points. It's a good thing I stole all those potential titles from you!

This will be a huge issue with my wife I think. I'm not sure if she'll be stay at home mom, or teacher & mom. Only time will tell.

April said...

You are not alone. I didn't leave Hollis anywhere for the longest time. We only got 1/2 way thru the church service for the first GOOD 6 months of his life. And the gym? Ha! I did my free three day pass and that was all I could handle of the nursery idea!