Monday, January 19, 2009

B is for Bathroom

Ok, I am ashamed to admit to it, but I haven't cleaned our bathroom since Coen was born. I had good reason at first....not so much anymore. I mean I've wiped everything down a handful of times. I replaced the toilet bowl cleaner. This weekend Daniel unclogged our shower drain. Just no serious scrubbing, ya know? I mean I had a tetanus shot in the hospital. No worries! Except for meningitis. Okokok. Anywho, my goal for tomorrow will be to CLEAN THE BATHROOM! I'll use chemically thingies and everything. You'll be able to eat off my toilet! Ah hah! We shall see. Say a prayer yall.

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JustinP8 said...

I don't like cleaning bathrooms either! We have a pet turtle, and I hate cleaning it's tank. It's getting about time...

Sorry I robbed you of good topics yesterday. Actually, I won't tell anyone if you use them! :)