Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flip Flop

We had a very encouraging and pretty discouraging check up this Monday. The great news is that Coen is looking beautiful!! He is about 5 and a half pounds and is expected to weigh 7 and a half by his due date, which has been moved up from the 26th to the 23rd! Great heart beat and way cute profile! :) Unfortunately he is breech. His head, at the time of the sonogram, was directly under my breast bone, and his bootie was by my left hip. We were told that unless he turns into the correct position by my next appointment (a week from Monday) the doctor would like to schedule a c-section around the 15th of October.

Boo. I don't want to have surgery! I had totally planned on and envisioned this awesome natural birth. I asked specifically to hold Coen right after he was born instead of being taken to the warming table. My breastfeeding class totally fanned that flame by educating me on the importance of skin-to-skin contact right after birth to engourage bonding and healthy breastfeeding. Now, I might possibly be strapped to a sterile table, drugged up from head to toe and gutted like a fish. Only then will I be able to watch my screaming baby swabbed and smacked around several feet away from me. I won't get to hold him, of course, because I'll be getting stitched up. BTW, I have worked very hard to have a stretch mark free tummy. A feat at which I have succeeded! Now I'll get to have a scar! Hoorah!

I'm going to wait as long as possible to give him a chance to turn. Hopefully he will. Until then we're asking for prayers! Lots of prayers!! The most important thing is that Coen is safe and healthy. Keep us in your thoughts! Thanks!!

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The Murray's said...

Oh Amy I am so sorry! We will be praying very hard for you for the next week that Coen starts to turn! Turn baby turn! Love you!