Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hi Everyone! Daniel and I were recently given a very special baby gift and I wanted to share it with you all! Daniel's best friend since high school, Donnie, and his wife Jennifer have an adorable little girl, Presley. When Jennifer was pregnant with Presley they opted to have a 3D sonogram. I had heard them talk about it but had never seen it. They were talking to Daniel about how cool it was when they decided that that was what they wanted to give us! I was shocked when Dan told me! We both wanted to do it but I was apprehensive. I had always imagined seeing my child for the first time in the delivery room. What if he was goofy looking? I would need all of those endorphins and adrenaline to convince me he was a beautiful baby! :)
Of course I made an appointment the very next day. We went to Stork Vision. LOVED it and I totally recommend it to anyone wanting to get a sonogram. The have the cutest, coziest facility and my whole family was able to come and watch! It was pretty awesome and pretty freaky too. Usually women go in around 28 weeks, and I was at 33 weeks, so there was less amniotic fluid and Coen was more scrunched which made it difficult to get a good picture. Most of these pics are of his face, looking down, and there are a few profile shots with his arm and foot in there. She can zoom in on different layers of tissue, so every once in a while Coen would look skeletal. Anyway, here they are! We think he is adorable!! Love his nose!

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tad031399 said...

I cant wait to see him in person!! When are you having your baby shower?