Thursday, August 28, 2008


** Quick Note: The picture in the previous blog is a picture from the BabiesRUs website, advertising the furniture we got. This is NOT a picture of our nursery!! :) One of my friend's husband recently complemented me on our "awesome nursery". I knew he must have been mistaken, because right now our nursery is still nothing but sheet rock and dust. Sorry if there was any confusion!**

Hiccups! Coen has been getting hiccups every evening now. It's so strange! I mean if he doesn't have them every single night, he has them early in the morning! How does that even work? I thought you got hiccups if your breathing was off. He doesn't breathe air! What is he hiccuping? Guess I was wrong. Regardless, I find it very endearing. My cute little boy has the hiccups! I can't wait until I can hear them and not just feel them. Counting the days! Only 57 to go!

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