Saturday, August 23, 2008

Furniture is here!!

Our furniture is in! A HUGE Thank you thank you thank you to my parents for our furniture!! It was a wonderful surprise and a great financial blessing. See, my mom let me know from day one that they were going to buy us our crib. "We're the grandparents and that is what grandparents do" she said. OK, I could handle that. So a couple of weeks ago, after looking at every piece of baby furniture known to man, mom and I tried Babies R Us one last time. They had some new furniture in! I loved it! The guy said it had only been there for a few weeks! It was very simplistic and a lot more retro/modern. I decided that it was the furniture for us. The next day my mom called and told me she was ordering everything and was going to buy us our crib and dresser too! It came in yesterday and mom and dad dropped it off last night, along with the mattress and changing pad! Wow! I couldn't believe it! I can't wait to assemble everything and set it all up! Thanks again mom and dad! I couldn't ask for better parents, or better grandparents for Coen. If my child ends up spoiled rotten.....we all know who is to blame. ;)

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The Murray's said...

WoW! Your parents have this grandparent thing down pat already! I LOVE the furniture! I cant wait to see his room... it is going to be so cute!