Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nice Enough to Frame

I know you are all thinking the same thing. How does she continuously come up with all of these hilarious puns for blog titles? I'll tell you....I'm just punny. See? I did it again! Seriously, I think it's a spiritual gift. :)
OK, down to business. I haven't blogged in a while because every time I try to add pictures, my computer acts up! So, until I figure out the kinks, no pics. The nursery is coming along great though! My dad, Daniel and Clayton framed the whole addition a while back. It's bigger than I expected, which was a nice surprise. Dan ran the wiring and started the sheet rock with a friend from our church, Jeff Thom. Clayton showed up an endured blistering temps. to help Dan finish the sheet rock on the ceiling and nursery closet. I did a lot of taping and bedding, (most of which had to be torn out and re-done because I didn't know what I was doing) cleaning and wired in all of the plugs. So, the actual nursery room is ready for texture and paint! Next tasks will be installing the trim, flooring, doors and AC. It's so exciting!!!
I also had my first baby shower! Faith Presby. (where I worked) threw me a shower for all of my students and staff at Faith KDO. It was so fun to get things for the baby! I got a lot of bath time things and a lot of clothes. My sisters got me books, which I LOVE, and my mom and dad gave us our baby swing! I can't wait until the nursery is finished and we can set everything up!
I will start going to my check ups every two weeks now, which is kind of a defining moment for me. That just tells me we are getting close to having Coen! Ahhh! Also, my body has suddenly decided to let the baby grow out! I went for so long not looking pregnant. Even through out my second trimester it was kinda "iffy". Not any more. BAM! I've exploded! I am growing out of all of my clothes! As a matter of fact I am leaving right now to pick up some maternity shirts!

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