Saturday, July 12, 2008

With sugar on top??

Negative! The three hour Gestational Diabetes test came back negative!! I am so relieved. Not only do I not have to prick my finger every day, or go on a diet, but my chances of having a 14 pound baby are much more slim. Whew!
It all started when I took my one hour glucose test. (Which I had to schedule three times, because the people working at the lab are uber-stupid. More on that later.) The glucose test was horrible! I couldn't eat for 12 hours and I had to drink this huge super sweet orange soda drink, and then sit in the waiting room for an hour waiting for it to either kill me or for me to throw it all up. To top it all off I got to have the smarty pants, who has never known love in her life, jam a needle in my arm and thanklessly take my blood. After which I must get behind the wheel and drive myself to get some sustenance. (Am I making this all sarcastic enough?) The good news is I get a phone call later that week from my doctors office, telling me that my results were pretty high, and I needed to go through the whole thing again, only this time it would require three hours and four blood draws. yay!
I didn't make it back to the lab before my next doctors appointment, where in I was told that a large amount of sugar was found in my urine sample. (FYI- Now that I know that my pee contains sugar, I am not so opposed to drinking it in a survival situation.) I got the raised eyebrows, and the warnings that it was pretty clear that I had gestational diabetes. The whole time I am thinking, "What?!?!? I don't even like sugary stuff! I'm a salty snack person! Stop telling me not to drink cokes! I don't drink cokes!!".
So the next day at diner I had my last meal before the test. I woke up early, planning to be at the lab between eight and nine. The staff at this particular lab refused to see me several times before because they leave for lunch, and couldn't be there for the test. So before I even start my car I call ahead to make sure if I make it there in a certain time, they won't refuse me for their precious lunch break. "We don't close for lunch", the woman on the other end of the line told me, so I headed that way. I arrived and signed in at 8:38. Chubbs-alot (who either went to Aruba or has developed a tanning bed fetish since I last saw him) took my paperwork and said, "Oh, your doctor should have told you that you needed to be here at 8:00". Long story short he proceeds to whine to me that I am too late, I'll have to go all the way home with gas at $4.00/gallon, because he has to go to lunch at noon. Now I'm not a super genius or anything, but simple math suggests that if I start a three hour test at 9, I'll be done by 12. He wouldn't listen. He was just too lazy. I started to cry in the EMPTY waiting room. He handed me back my paperwork, and I called the lab across the street, still crying, who took me in an instant, although they were so packed they ran out of chairs in the waiting room. Needless to say, after finding out that the tan-man was not only required to take me, but refuses patients often, he received a phone call from my very disgruntled husband and will be getting reported by yours truly. Justice.
All in all the ladies at the other lab were great, and I will be going there for any lab work I will ever need in the future! To top it all off, as I said before, my results were negative! Eliminate gestational diabetes and hack off one lab worker.....check!

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The Murray's said...

Okay I could totally see myself coming completely unglued on someone like tan man! I hope you do report him, he deserves it! On another note, YAY for no 14lb baby! lol