Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Family Car

It's official. I drive an SUV. I live in Aledo and I drive an SUV. I never thought I would ever say that, but on July fourth it became a reality. Daniel and I have talked extensively about purchasing a car that would suit our growing family. Neither one of us really want to go into debt over a car, so we've always talked about only buying used vehicles and maintaining them for many many years, until we can afford to buy another car out right. We really needed to get rid of Daniel's truck. I hated looking at that thing!! We researched the value, and tried to sell it. After being offered only $50 for it, we felt like we had hit a brick wall. We decided to allot $4000.00 from our shrinking savings account to a car. Daniel was being very diligent looking for the best deal, and boy did it pay off. We found a 2000 Ford Explorer V8 with a little over 100,000 miles on it. It was in great shape, only some slight damage to the front right fender. Drove great and our mechanic gave it a good, clean thumbs up! After offering us $1000 for Daniel's truck as a trade in (an offer we couldn't refuse) all we had to pay was $2400.00!!
Now we are both convinced that this whole situation was completely orchestrated by God. We believe that because Daniel was setting aside 25% of all of his earnings from his business (Texas Accent) for this year's taxes. One week before we found the car, our tax guy called us to let us know that our taxes were done, and that I needed to go in and sign the papers. When I arrived they told me that we could keep every penny Daniel set aside. Over $2500.00. The amount the car ended up being! Crazy!!

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Mommy Moseley said...

What a God thing, I'm so excited for you guys! Take me out for a spin soon! PS you need to put another bumper sticker on your new car so I can know it's you when I see it! I can dig up a Phil King bumper sticker if you need one!