Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Then it registered...

We've finally put our noses to the grind stone preparing for the baby. We took the plunge and registered at Babies R Us a few weeks ago. Woah nelly!! That was so much fun! My best friend Kristy was always talking about registering when she was pregnant, and then was so excited about me registering when she found out I was pregnant, and I never really understood what all the hooplah was about. Now I do. I am actually getting to indulge! I am making the first decisions about my growing family! I'm going to get new stuff! BABY stuff! Baby stuff for MY baby! Crazay!!! Figured I would tell you guys all about it.
So we arrive, and walk over to "the desk". That happy little place where you set up your registry. I brought a few magazines and a book to help me make my decisions. Turns out, they graciously provide you with a check list. A very l-o-n-g checklist. A checklist, I am sure, is chock full of very unnecessary baby products. I am no fool. No no! I will stick with what I believe to be necessary items only.
While setting up the registry, the lady asks us if we would like two "guns" to scan the items we want. My initial (and probably very controlling) thought was, "No, we only need one gun. If we get two guns Daniel will start scanning 'who knows what' without talking about whether or not we really need it." You will all be glad to know that I corrected my sinful nature. I figured, "Amy, you are having a baby boy, time to start learning to chillax. Plus, this is Daniel's baby too. Let him freely express his excitement! Give him his own gun, and trust that he will want to discuss big items with you first." "Ok", I said, "Sure, we'll take two guns". The lady hands the first charged-up gun to me, which I hand to Daniel, and starts looking for a second charged gun. While she is looking, I'm thinking about how exciting this is, and where we should start, and how my "letting go" of the two gun issue was a great step towards motherhood. In this moment of bliss and sheer contentment I look to Daniel sitting on my left, only to find him pointing the gun at his eyes and scanning his retinas. Needless to say we stuck with one gun. However, I let him carry it. :) Despite it all, I fell even more in love with my husband in the few hours we were there. The attention to detail and constant input that drove me bananas when we were registering for our wedding, was so endearing while registering for our child.
We only made it through half of the store before they started to close! The bottle department was soooo over whelming! But the baby bath stuff and rattle toys made things fun again. People always say babies are expensive. I used to think, "They don't have to be". Apparently they do. Although there are SEVERAL things you don't need and although I am still considering cloth diapers, the most expensive things we registered for we have to have. We opted for a convertible car seat, and jogging stroller so save some mulah. Plus I really think it's a good idea to carry your baby.
When they started turning out the lights, we made our way back to the desk. I thought we did a great job, and expected to have almost completed our registry. Turns out we only scanned 28 things the entire time we were there! Guess we will be going back for all of those little things we missed. :)

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Mommy Moseley said...

Great blog and funny as usual! Can't wait to see your registry when you're done! I think you have inspired me to finally sit down and blog for the first time, we'll see if I really do it!