Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rockin' And Rollin'

Five Months! It's hard to believe, but we hit the five month mark this Sunday. Everything is going by so fast! It seems like only a month ago when we found out we were pregnant. Pretty soon we will be holding our little baby! We are both getting so excited! Daniel and I love thinking about meeting Coen and seeing who he will look like, and what kind of temperament he will have. Sometimes Daniel will read to the baby and play him music on his guitar! I spend my time nesting. We haven't gotten started on the room yet, but we have decided to stay in the barn and add on an interior room for the nursery. The Presnalls really want us to stay, and are supportive about the add-on upstairs. We are both more than ready for a home of our own, but I'm just not up for moving in the middle of the pregnancy. Yikes! I just want one thing to remain the same in the middle of all of this change! :)
I had a check up yesterday. It was a very special one because Julie and Becky went with me and they got to hear the heartbeat! Hearing the heartbeat is emotional enough for me, because is assures me that the baby is OK. Julie and Becky felt the emotion too! I'll never ever forget looking over my tummy and seeing Becky hand Julie a paper towel, because they were both bawling their eyes out! Dr. McAlpine was surrounded by emotional women! I loved it! They are going to be great aunts!
In addition, I can feel the baby move a lot now! At first I wondered if it was really him, but I know it can't possibly be anything else. On our drive back from Oklahoma this weekend, I think Coen did a complete flip! THAT feels weird. I don't know if I will warm up too quickly to the big movements. Daniel can't wait until he can feel the baby too. Thinking about him not being able to feel Coen, made me kinda sad for him. I never realized how special it is to carry a child.

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