Saturday, May 31, 2008

What's in a name??? A heck of alot!!

We've decided on a name for our baby boy! First let me say that this was extremely difficult. I had my girl name picked out three weeks after we found out I was pregnant. (BTW, It's Norah, so don't even think about using it!) Boy names.....are totally different. I like rare, cool artsy names, and Daniel likes manly cowboy names. The meanings of the names I picked were things like, "from the woodlands" and "of the wind". Daniel's choices meant things like, "warrior" and "man who can spit Copenhagen from tear ducts". Finally we settled on one. I liked it because I had never heard it used as a first name. Ever. Daniel says it sounds enough like a cowboy name to make him happy.
So here it is. Coen Douglas Ferguson. Coen without the "h", because with an "h" it's offensive to Jews. Plus, with an "h", it means "priest", which is just weird. Coen is Germanic and means "Experienced Advisor". Douglas is Gaelic, or English, and means "Black Water". From the very beginning I knew our son's middle name would be Douglas, because Daniel wanted to name him after his mentor Doug Houston. That's cool with me! I love Doug! Plus it gave me tons of leverage for claiming the first name. Now that I think about, I should have picked Sue. :)

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Katie said...

Amy and Daniel,
What a great name choice! Its different but not too different. I cant wait to meet baby Coen Douglas!
Katie Murray