Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's a BOY!

I am sure that you are all aware that Daniel and I found out last Monday that we are having a boy! We are soooo excited! Since I never blogged all of these events on the babysite, I figured I could catch everyone up. So here is how it all went down. :)
I have always been a little ahead of my appointment schedule, which has kind of been a bummer. We were scheduled to hear the heartbeat on 3/31, which made me 10 weeks. We had an early appointment so Daniel could make it before he had to go to work. The doctor used a little microphone machine on my abdomen, so all of us in the room could hear. He looked and looked and we waited and waited. Needless to say, we left disappointed that morning, and I was a little nervous.
Two weeks later we went out to celebrate Daniel's birthday with some friends. Around midnight I started having a sharp pain on my left side. It got worse, and worse, and hurt REALLY bad. So bad, I was sweating. We headed home and I laid down in the car. The doctor previously told me that I had a cyst on one of my ovaries (which is normal), and when I asked about some minor pain I was feeling, the nurse told me that it could swell and rupture, which would hurt. I assume that is what happened that night.
Unfortunately the combination of the pain and not hearing the baby's heartbeat, wore on me really quickly. So, I called the doctor on Tuesday and they told me to come in. Daniel came straight home to accompany me to the office. Boy, was I glad he did! When we got there the doctor checked for the heartbeat again. Again, nothing. Of course I was about to loose it, the he said, "Come on. Let's get you a sonogram so you won't worry." Off we went, down the hall. (Later that day, I learned that the sonogram nurse is only there on Mondays and Thursdays, and that Dr. McAlpine does not preform sonograms.)
I lay on the table for what seemed like an eternity while the computer warmed up. Suddenly, there was the baby! Flipping and swimming around like crazy!! I gasped and laughed, which caused my stomach to go up and down, and we momentarily lost the picture. Daniel ran over and leaned over me to stare at the screen. Our doctor got really excited, and started showing us the tiny flash on the screen, that represents the baby's heart beating. I couldn't look away! When it was time to end the sonogram, I wanted to pull a Cruise, and buy a sono machine, so we could watch our baby all of the time!!! I was on cloud nine the rest of the day!
So, this last Monday, we went in for our " scheduled sono.". Dr, McAlpine must have misread my chart or something, because when we were checking the heartbeat (which we HEARD this time), he thought I would come in for my sono in one month! What!?!?! I was planning on finding out today!!! I guess it didn't matter, becuase I KNEW it was a girl, but still! I kinda stomped my feet, and asked it we could have it today anyway. To which he said yes, but warned that we probably wouldn't be able to tell the sex, because I was too early.
The sonogram lady was nice, and really good. I knew what to look for this time. She did a great job pointing everything out, and measuring everything. I told Daniel that it looks like our child had my huge brain. (Which it probably does) She asked that if she could tell the sex, if we wanted to know. I said "yes", and without even taking a breath she said, "It's a boy!". Daniel was jumping all over the room! I was asking, "Are you sure? A boy! Are you serious? Really!??! A boy??? Daniel a boy! Ohmygosh! What??!?! A boy???". I couldn't believe it! She said she was sure, and printed out our pictures.
We left, beaming! I threw up in the parking lot, and then we headed to Hobby Lobby to buy baby blue shirts! I called my mom and sisters, and told them we would come over. (They knew I would be wearing either a pink or blue shirt) We showed up, counted down and I revealed baby blue! The whole room went silent, and then broke out into screams!!! It was soooo funny! One of the best moments of my life!


Bevan said...

Thanks for putting these stories up on the web! I enjoyed reading them and catching up.

We were also "SO SURE" that Sam was going to be a girl! Shows what you really know!

I really like the Tom Cruise line - very funny. Hope we'll see you soon.

JustinP8 said...

Congrats! This is cool stuff! Maybe in a year or so I'll have a whole family! I'm pretty excited to be getting married on June 29th!