Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mayfest 2012

 Oh Mayfest brings back so many memories for me. Having lived in Texas all of my life and in/around the metroplex for most of it, I've been to Mayfest more than once. Our gymnastics group did a routine during Mayfest one year when I was a kid. Good times... So, anyway, it's extra fun to re live the experience with my children.
First stop was the bounce house. Tickets were 50 cents a piece so why not spend $16 bucks for my kid to romp around in a bounce house for three mintues?? 
That FACE is why not! HA!

Poor baby brother, watching the fun. :( Sorry bud, one day!

What a sport!

But LOOK! You're favorite snack! Sidewalk chalk!!

A big barn to color on! How fun!

There were all kind of little activities for free.

Big piles of sand were here and there full of kiddos scooping and digging. I MUST brag on my boy, though. He picked up this shovel, stuck the tip into the sand and then pushed it in with his foot! Atta boy!! Been watching your momma in the yard much?

Splash pad.

Coen and I spent the last of the tickets and rode a carnie ride together! I think it was called the "tilt a whirl"? You sat in this dome shaped seat and the whole contraption spun at irregular intervals. It was a LOT of fun. Coen was nervous at first, but soon we were both giggling! 

Had to ride the Trinity Park train before we left! Coen's first time, can you believe it!?

Wallace konked out before it was half way through! Sweet times. Loving these days with these gifts God has given us!

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