Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Day Out With Thomas

Earlier in the year, during one of our many trips to the park, I heard a woman say that Thomas was coming to Grapevine this year. I knew we HAD to get tickets. They were pricy, though, so I put it off for a while. Well, good things come to those who wait because I ended up getting a coupon code and a Groupon refund on Coen's balance bike (that turned up a day or two later, free!) which helped significantly. Sometimes you just know the Lord is pouring His blessings out upon you. Ya know?

So here the boys are the day of. Wallace brought along the Thomas train we have.

Our train ride was scheduled for 1:30 so we got to Grapevine early enough to have lunch and take advantage of all of the play areas and activities they had for the kids. Coen's favorite thing to was was the one thing he does at home all of the time... train table. :)
 Of course there were the model trains which he also LOVES. Thank you old men, for having a silly little hobby that delights so many children!
 "Thomas the train coming 'round the bend...."
 Wallace liked them too. :)
We did it! Here are the boys in front Thomas himself! Coen would not stop talking and smile at the camera, so we will take what we get!
 Here we are killing time getting a Thomas tattoo.
 He wasn't too sure about it. ;)

Poor baby! By now it was warming up and with Wallace zonked out on Daniel's arm we decided to sit in the shade and wait for our boarding time.

We got video of Thomas pulling in and Coen watching. Here he is watching everyone unload.
 Here he is point to himself and telling us he wants to get on. His communication is so much better than it was six months ago!
 Still, he had to wait patiently and he did such a good job.
Our turn! All aboard!!

 Coen was so super serious throughout the whole ride. If I didn't know him as well as I do I wouldn't have thought he had any fun, but I know he was intensely transfixed. He was just soaking it all in.

Wallace is a little more expressive!! Good morning sweetie pie!!

Coming into the station Coen waved to those in line for the 2:15 ride!
 Fun ride!

We couldn't leave without takin g a turn in the bounce house. One of Coen's favorite things!

We waved to Sir Topham Hatt...
 ...and headed home.

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carol said...

Amy, that was so precious...thank you. !!!!!