Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wallace's First Birthday

Wallace turned one on March 15th! What a happy day it was! I can't believe my little baby is a year old. How time flies, especially with the second child.
 I wish I could blink and start all over again...

Well, he woke up and let Coen open all of his presents for him. :)
Daddy went into work a little later than usual so he could be a part of everything which made it so special.

He got this little click clack alligator.

 Some clothes and a really neat ball, too.
 Coen picked out this cool train puzzle as his gift to Wallace.
Then there was the sandbox. He explored it for forever and decided he liked it. :)
 Likes taking the sand out of the box....
 After we dressed in some new birthday duds Grammy, Aunt Julie, Aunt Becky and Wyatt came over for more presents and then lunch at Chick-fil-A!! We are so blessed!
 There's a smile, my little serious guy!
 His favorite thing to get was a birthday card. Ha! He got them in the mail all week and would carry them around and open them and point to the picture, jabber about it and then close it only to repeat the process. So funny!

 Got some pretty cool blocks!
 Here's baby Wyatt! They love standing like this! Wallace will tell Wyatt all about it and Wyatt will just squeal with delight. It's so cute!!

That Sunday we had a little family party. A Very Hungry Caterpillar party!

 I ordered these great invites from an Etsy seller. It was my second experience ordering invites through Etsy and I HIGHLY recommend it!
 Thank you to my sis Becky for taking all of the pics following. I was so busy running around that I didn't pick my camera up once. I did this with Coen's first birthday, too. Mommas can't do everything and I plan on taking pictures for other mommas from now on. We appreciate it so much, so if you get the chance to take pics at a party, do it!! :)

 Baby's first fire!

 Happy Birthday, Wallace! We love you!!!

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