Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Blurry Easter Egg Hunt

 For some reason my camera was set to some wonky setting and I didn't notice it all during our Easter Egg hunt on Easter morning. I can't NOT document the event, so pardon the pictures. It's not your eyes...
The early bird gets the worm and Wallace was up first, so he found the first egg!
 Coen ate the first one, however. Crackers in that one!
 Wallace followed suit shortly after.

 I think the favorite treat this year was "Cars" stickers.

Counting the eggs...
 ...and grouping them. :) He liked the animal ones the best. Probably because the animal ones had jelly beans in them. ;)
 Cutie pie!
 The baskets were a little....lacking this year. Easter kind of sneaked up on me, I'll be honest.
 Kiddos don't mind though. :)

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