Saturday, January 14, 2012

The North Pole Express

December 18th

This year we took the boys to Grapevine's North Pole Express. Surprised? Coen had been watching The Polar Express at Grammy and Gramps' house whenever possible so we had to go!

 Grapevine is such a neat little town.
The boys got to wear their pajamas on the train! Parents had to come fully dressed. ;)

There were activities and things for the kids to do while waiting for their ride.

Here's Coen, ready to go with his ticket in hand!

First we watched a little show with singing and "acting" and a conductor with an English accent. I don't know why he had to have an English accent. Most kids liked it I guess. Suffering through corneyness without making sarcastic comments is a parenting skill Daniel and I have yet to perfect. Or work on in any way.
 The best part was when the show was over, and not just because it was over, although that was nice, it was because Coen got out of his chair and started making his way to where the line was forming to get on the train. He did this on his own. Left us all behind! Coen never does anything like that. It's the best part for me because it was confirmation that he knew what was going on, and he was excited. I LOVED seeing that. LOVED it. I'll sit through a thousand of the corniest plays to see my kids get excited about something. It's probably one of the best moments of my parenting life so far. Loved it.

First we had to walk through the Christmas Tree maze and it was "snowing". :) Coen was holding Daniel's hand and pointing and talking the whole way. Precious.
All aboard!
 We made it! YAY!

Grammy and Gramps we actually staying in Grapevine  for their Anniversary, so they came by to see us off. Coen got to wave to Grammy from the window. He loved that, too!

Here comes the conductor to punch our ticket!

Later Santa and Mrs. Claus came to pass out gifts for the kiddos.
Jingle Bells!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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