Friday, December 30, 2011

The Ugly

November 9

Fixing up an old house isn't all fun and games. As a matter of fact we have yet to enter that phase. This picture is testimonial to the complete frustration involved in the "renovating" process. (Note there are still no drawers in the kitchen. We misplaced them when everything was getting sprayed and totally forgot to paint them. They get put in weeks after this pic was taken.) We bought this dishwasher when we lived in the barn. I hand washed dishes for almost five years because we didn't have anywhere to put a dishwasher. After I had Coen and the dishes increased and the time decreased, I begged Daniel for one. He said yes right away, of course. He's like that. I begged because I'm dramatic.... Anywho, It's a portable dishwasher. You roll it to the sink and hook it up when you want to wash dishes then roll it away when you are done. We loved it until this day. We were told it was convertible. Meaning portable when we needed it to be, but also permanent when we bought a home. Perfect! Turns out the kit needed to convert the washer costs as much as the machine itself. Enter genius husbandry. It took a few days. I'm not gonna lie, I was cursing in my head when Daniel told me he was going to have to take the whole thing apart to figure out how to DIY, he got it done though. He was murdering me with his eyes when I snapped this photo at the height of his frustration. I hadd to document our progress though! Good job honey! Eventually we will gut the whole kitchen and get all new matching appliances and cabinetry and an island. When that happens, it'll be nice to look back, right?

As a side note this pic was taken the day after our eighth Anniversary. I have no picture documenting our 8th like I do every other year. I don't even remember what we did to celebrate. Seasons of marriage, huh?

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