Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bike Discovery

November 11

Daniel and I bought bikes together when we were engaged. We took them camping on our first anniversary and they hold a lot of good memories. 

I LOVE riding a bike.

After we moved in we had a "throw together" garage sale. Anything that was in storage in the barn got tossed out onto the lawn. Our bikes made it out there too. I couldn't bear to part with them! After vowing to clean them up and use them now that we live in a neighborhood and lots of other promises we'll surely break we pulled them back into our "Not For Sale" pile. 

Until Coen found them.
 He was BEAMING!
 Daniel and I had been talking about getting him a balance bike for Christmas and now we knew we had to. Coen was hooked!
 He really like chasing Daddy too. Loved them. Just loved them!
 Flat tires and all.
 He's such a great kid.
Did I mention that he does some pretty amazing stunt work too?

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