Friday, December 30, 2011

Coen Turns Three

October 20th

THREE yall!! Make him stop growing!!

A few days after we moved in Coen turned the big three. Each year brings exciting new experiences and I love learning more and more about this amazing little boy God has intrusted to us.

For a year solid he has constantly, tirelessly and relentlessly played trains. He's obsessed. So we had to have a train themed birthday.
We woke him up early so he could open his presents before Daddy went to work.

Thomas PEZ despensers and Bertie the bus!
I love this boy! He told us all about his gifts. This one was a marble run...with a train, of course. :)
Candy on the couch and watching cartoons? It's officially your birthday!
Later that evening my family came over for cake and ice cream and to bring Coen their gifts.
His first Chuggington train! Grammy introduced him to that.
 Cake Time!

 He knows the drill. ;)
 Wouldn't be complete without eating cake and ice cream in his new train plate Aunt Julie got him!

That weekend we had a little party for him, to celebrate his big day. Daniel and I make him a cardboard train out of our surplus moving boxes. Thank you Pinterest! Here he is in the train. The only pic I got that morning because I videoed instead.

We decorated the house for "traintastic" party fun! See how our renovating is coming along?

All of Coen's favorite snacks to boot! Chips with salsa and guacamole, cheese balls, fruit and cuites and juice boxes too!

We set the train up out side for Coen and his friends to "drive" and decorate.

 They really liked it! I was so glad!

Next, we were on to gifts and cake! 

 What else? ;)

Happy Birthday, Buddy.

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