Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My parents got Coen these moose slippers when they went to Wyoming for my cousins wedding.
Coen really likes them.
He's really getting into the whole "boy/hunting/animal sounds" thing. Thanks to my father. ;)
Here he is making the moose sound. His hands are supposed to be moose antlers. They need some work. :) A moose sounds something like.."Mmmuaaaaaaaak". He can do an Elk too. His elk is reeeaaly good. This past weekend he got to go to the Hunter's Extravaganza!! Or "zavagah!" as he calls it. He took his moose figurine with him and he would chant "ZAVAGAH!!" randomly. My dad took him in his big truck, which Coen was pumped about. They met up with Daniel and had a guys night out. Coen ran around the extravaganza and even rode the mechanical bull. They wrapped the evening up with some Mexican food, of course. I was so happy for him, that he was getting to go hang out with the men. My big, sweet boy, growing up!

Daniel came home with a flyer for hunting wild pigs with a machine gun while hanging out of a helicopter.
I guess the Extravaganza turns boys into men and men into boys.

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Eric Anderson said...

Coen looks so much like Daniel it's insane. I just figured out I can comment right on this site. who knew? oh everybody knew? nevermind