Monday, May 2, 2011

Main Street Arts Festival 2011

Re-runs...I know, but we LOVE the Arts Fest! We almost didn't make it this year. I had a chance to go with a friend of mine, Kristi, but was so beat from days and days of restless nights and baking goodies for my JBF barter, I just couldn't do it. So, once Daniel got home later that weekend, and I had a chance to rest up, we headed out.

Check out the boys in their new ride!! I got it that weekend at JBF for a whopping $80.00. It's brand spankin' new. We got more dirt on it downtown than it had before I bought it!
Totally worth the barter.

Coen was old enough this year to participate in some crafts! Here he is painting a clay turtle!
 Great job buddy!
This turtle is proudly displayed in the living room. :)

Fro-yo on the way home! Yahoo!

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