Friday, May 13, 2011


I brought some of our games indoors about a year, or so, ago.

Yes, I said indoors. Our apartment is too small to hold all of our possessions, so a lot of things are kept in the barn.

Anyway... Coen always wants to get into them. Especially Blokus. For FOREVER I have been telling him "No." because I KNEW he would lose a piece of one of them and I HATE it when games are missing pieces, and how stupid would I have to be to let him play with Blokus. I mean, one piece missing and the game is essentially trash.

Recently, however, I caved and I let him get it out. I think I was past the point of cracking with Wallace screaming all of the time. Being completely sleep depraved, things like missing game pieces just didn't matter anymore.

He sat silently and played with it for three hours straight.

He lines up all of the pieces, fitting them together perfectly until the game board is covered. He then cleans the board and starts over. When he's satisfied, he sorts every single piece by color and carefully packs each baggie. He hasn't misplaced one. single. piece.
Every day he asks for it. He has learned, and will say, the words "play" and "blokus". This is a BIG deal as Coen has had NO motivation to speak at all. He is also repeating the names of all of the colors. Colors he knew, but wouldn't say.
Thank you, Blokus.

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