Saturday, January 15, 2011

Big Boy Bed

Makin' room for the Wallace and transitioning to big boy bed aligned perfectly. We knew we would need the crib for Wallace and Coen was definitely outgrowing it. Hadn't climbed out yet, but why wait for the inevitable. Plus we avoid a possible broken arm.

Coen, it seems, it not one to be motivated. He is a self motivator. Which means he'll do it when he darn well pleases. All we needed to do was put the bed in his room, make it seem super cool and important and then avoid letting him have it. It WORKED! Muahahahaha!! Who's the smartest monkey in the cage?!?! ahem...excuse me....moving on.

All of the parts came from Ikea! Love! His bed is actually more comfortable than mine. Go fig. We even got short legs for now, and tall legs for later! Smart, huh?
He loves it! Look at how little the bed makes him look! There aren't any windows in his room so it's pitch dark in there when he sleeps. I think that has contributed to him not getting out of bed like I was afraid he would. Hasn't fallen out either, so we might skip the safety rail we planned on buying. All in all it was an easy transition!


Heather said...

That's so nice! Enjoy those boys while they are little! I know it's cliche, but they really do go from babies to big boys so quickly. I think I'm highly emotional right now, but those days are such vivid memories and now here I am with my oldest off to college. Hugs to you and your sweet family!

emgardemal said...

Oh, cute! Coen is growing up too fast. I love your blog......I'll have to check it out more often. Love you all, Nanny