Thursday, November 4, 2010

::sigh:: October

Ok, so October was kinda crazy...
I totally abandoned this blog but I'm back on the wagon, or whatever. So here's what we've been doing.

I had to stop keeping Cooper and just in time too. I've over done it a few times this week. I'm sure Coen misses his playmate, but hopefully we can get together soon in the future.

My sister got married! See?
Awww, such a beautiful bride. Look! There's my son!

Then the Texas Rangers made it to the World Series!!! So I spent a lot of nights watching baseball over the internet. :)
During most of those games I was working on Coen's birthday party.

 He turned two on Oct 20th, which was a wed, I believe. Here he is birthday morning.
 We got him a BIG barn for him to put all of his tractors and animals in. I was worried he wouldn't be into it, but he loves it! yay! Later we met my family for a small birthday dinner at Chic-fil-a. Coen got to play in the play place,
he completely devoured his cupcake, 
and then got to open a few presents.
A remote control train and a rocking horse!! Thanks Aunt Julie, Grammy and Gramps!

Next on the agenda was the party. I hate throwing parties because I am always afraid that no one will come or the party will stink and people will be bored and leave. So it took a LOT for me to throw this one. I did it mostly because we had been invited to a bunch of kid parties, so I felt like it was our turn to invite others. So we made a list, and shaved it down, and then shaved it down again. Last round there were still going to be 9ish kids and 14 adults! I decided to have it outside, a farm party, with games and "farm activities" and a tractor and crafts. I bought really nice invitations and party bag toys. I started getting pretty excited! Then the weather man reported rain. First a 30% then a 60%. Saturday morning was cloudy. I scratched the outdoor activities and decided to bring the party into our teeny, tiny house.We ran to the store that morning to get balloons and more food. When we got home, two hours before the party, the wind picked up and our electricity flickered off. I started calling everyone who had rsvp'd to cancel. SUPER bummed. Minutes later I couldn't see four feet out of my window due to the insane wind and rain. Wind and rain which stopped an hour after the party would have ended. 


Mom, Dad and Julie came over with the cake and some gifts. We sat around eating all of the food I had prepared for 14 adults and 9 kids. Coen had fun though, and I guess that's all that matters!

Next came the weekend of Halloween. There was a lot of stuff going on but we weren't about to make it to any events. We thought about Boo at the Zoo...and then decided "no". We ended up spending Halloween night like we usually do, at my mom's carving pumpkins. :) It was a lot of fun. We all sat around eating soup and sandwiches and hanging out. Coen was a cowboy for Halloween! (because we already had all of the gear)
The spurs were interesting...
as is the corny smile. :)
Then a birthday gift from Uncle Jamie and Aunt Becky!

 Here's Coen and Grammy with the special pumpkin decorating kit she got him. They were really cute! Later, though, he really got interested in the real pumpkin carving. especially the goop and seeds inside.

Whew! So, there was October in a nutshell! Later the Rangers lost the World Series and I pulled some muscle in my groin/abdominal area which has been loads of fun. Also, Wallace has started really kicking and moving! I can feel him through my stomach now. I can't believe it's going so fast. I can't wait for him to get here though!! :)


Anonymous said...

What a great cake! Um, weren't we supposed to get together this week?

Ryan said...

Busy month! I was thisclose to telling you to get on here and blog already! That sucks your party got ruined!! At least he's still young and doesn't really realize the difference yet. I can feel her moving constantly now, its the weirdest/coolest feeling!