Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last Fling Retreat 2010

 My littlest sister is getting married this weekend!


Anywho, when I was getting married my two brilliant sisters created a girls weekend appropriately dubbed the "Last Fling Retreat". It was a time to get together as sisters and friends for one last fling before the bride-to-be got hitched. My retreat was a camping trip!! Awesome! My sisters surprised me, blindfolded me, and drove me out to our favorite camping grounds as teens. There I saw a decorated cabin, my best friend and bridesmaid, Kristy, junk food, chick flicks, a gift basket and others. We hung out all weekend making smores and chillin' out. Probably one of my best memories!

So, with Becky's wedding quickly approaching Julie and I whipped up some girly fun for our kid sis. We rented a hotel in Sundance Square, made reservations at the Reata, and got tickets to Four Day Weekend (a wonderful improv group) Of course we needed junk food, champagne, pedicure items and our favorite board game! Oh and some nice lingerie for the future Mrs.! We had so much fun!!