Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Things are chugging right along with the garden! Everything is HUGE! In addition to keeping it well watered, I've added some of our compost and the chickens will soon be eating our pests! Things are looking up!

Make that "Things are looking BIGGER".

I got kind of busy and didn't pick much for a day or two. When I finally got around to it, one evening, I found some of the biggest pieces of produce yet! Unfortunately my okra got too big, but look at that cucumber! It's like a movie pickle! (a pickle you get at the movies. not a movie star pickle. ;) )
 I wish my bush beans grew faster. They are very sporadic and hard to find so I can't really use them as a side dish yet, and I can't can any of them. Luckily I discovered that Coen will eat them straight out of the garden raw. Suits me!

And here you have my Siamese twin summer squash!

Today to had to do a little "doctoring". My cantaloupes are trellised and producing!! My biggest, right now, is about the size of a peach!

 Because they are trellised I need something to support the melons so they won't break the vine with weight. I read about making a "hosiery sling" so I picked up the cheapest hose from Target I could find. Actually, these cute ones were clearance out for five cents more than the cheapest tan hose.

Ok, so you just cut a strip of hosiery, open the leg and voila!

Cantaloupe Hammock!!

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Emily said...

You can get pickles at the movies in Texas??