Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Coop, Coop-da-Doop

Because we took the plunge and decided to get two chickens, we needed some place to put them. I saw a picture in a magazine of a tiny little coop for chickens to go in at night. It was short, sat on your porch and was made to be portable. I wanted something small because I planned on these chickens being in the yard, mostly. Then I started worrying about how long these chickens would last! I mean, coyotes, hawks, dogs, etc. etc.. So, I started considering chicken tractors. I dismissed that pretty quickly because it seemed like a lot more work than cared to devote. Eventually we opted for a bigger, less portable version of the porch friendly one. We spent all day and almost all night working on it. After a few unplanned trips to ACE and one complete tear down we finished it!!

Waiting for chickens!!

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