Saturday, April 24, 2010


Slowly but surely, with a LOT of sweat and hard work, the yard is turning into a place I like to be. Four wheelbarrows later the cactus is G.O.N.E. . Unfortunately my bush beans didn't make it. Something...strange....happened to them, so we're on round two. I'll probably pull them up to make room for something else come summer. We'll see. Okra is doing good though! ::cheesy smile::

 The lettuce has a mind of it's own and is growing super fast. I think I'll have to do some thinning.

And I had one strawberry.

Emphasis on the word had.


Stephanie said...

How fun! Your strawberry looked yummy...hmmm. :)

I am loving going out there every day to see how progress. Something is eating my lettuce and spinach. I am thinking of just pulling them and trying something else in those spots.

Amy said...

If you end up having to pull yours up, I can bring you some of mine!