Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Mei Tai

I'm LOVING the Mei Tai!! It's saving my hiney these days!

Coen doesn't understand that Mommy is out of shape and slow. This stage of running away from me as fast as he can is getting old QUICK! I want him to be able to walk around and explore whenever he can, but there are some times where it just isn't appropriate or safe. Sure I could strap him in the stroller but who wants to get that thing out and put it away over and over again. Plus I've always liked to hold Coen and for him to be close to me.

Enter Mei Tai.

I found one while I was volunteering at JBF a few months ago. Actually, I found two. The one I wanted (and bought) was brown (my favorite) and was marked at $25. The other was black and marked at $75, so it was brown or nothing!!

It's completely comfortable and super simple to wear. I can now get Coen securely on in less than a minute. Plus, he loves it. It's much more practical for a bigger kid. (I still love my Moby wrap for babies though.)

It's perfect for times when we're outside watering the garden and Coen wanders off to chase the dog and he's quite far away from me. I envision a chupacabra hopping out of the woods and snatching him up. So, into the Mei Tai he goes! :)

I definitely suggest it as a sling for kiddos... hmmmm.... maybe.... 10 mos. and up. According to the tag, mine came from this site. Check your resale shops first!


Stephanie said...

Oooh, Baby Hawks are like the Cadillac of mei tais. Nice score! They are also really easy to make. ;) We have a Beco and Ergo, which are basically mei tais with snaps instead of ties. I found one of them at a thrift store for $4.99. They are over $100 new!!

Amy said...

$4.99!?! Now that's a deal!!

Stephanie said...

I know. I almost felt like it was theft. Almost. lol

bridget. said...

hey!! my sister has an eco friendly/natural parenting business and she makes these!! she is using all organic fabrics and what not. her site is http://www.ecochic-boutique.com/ and she's on etsy if you're interested :)

Amy said...

Oh wonderful! Thanks Bridget, I'll check it out!