Sunday, March 14, 2010

Free Play!

Whoa, I have been sooo crazy busy yall, and MAN has this blog suffered!! Not only is Coen keepin' me on my toes but this warm, spring weather gets me goin, goin, goin!!

Remember how I mentioned here about how I start projects and never finish them? I listed a few things I would be working on. (Don't worry, I didn't finish those either).. Instead I started new ones.

One of the things I have spend my time on is this little gem here.

I found this little baby in an abandoned storage unit. Apparently when some people empty their units they don't clean up all of the trash. They leave behind old junk that they don't want and it's free for the taking. Who knew? This little cart was just sitting there with nothing but a landfill in her future. Sure she was a little gritty and grimey and screamed 1979, but other than that she was in great condition. Best of all, super sturdy and had four wheels. I knew Coen's heart would go pitter pat if he had this at home to push around all summer. Of course the idea of Coen being completely engrossed in his "new to you" outdoor toy while I worked on my tan this summer made my heart go pitter patter too.

Because I didn't want crazy colored kids toys littering my yard, I've spent the past week picking paint primers and colors and layering and letting dry. Now, she's finished!!
Waddya think? I'm happy! I think Coen will love it. Total cost? About six dollars! Now If you'll excuse me, I think I hear a little boy waking up who needs to practice his grocery shopping! :)



misty said...

So cute! Great job Amy!

Letherton said...

nice find :)

Becky said...

Awesome!!! You are welcome for introducing you to the wonderful world of storage unit shopping! :-) Plus, I really like the color!

Stephanie said...

I am SO impressed! What a fun toy for Coen. Good job, Amy!

Amy said...

Thanks ladies!