Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is Halloween

What a great Halloween weekend! Daniel and I are still trying to figure out exactly how we will celebrate Halloween, but this year didn't seem to be much trouble. Coen is still so little and I can't pass up an excuse to dress him in something goofy! This year was our first year to have a costume. Last year he was sooooo tiny and I never really got around to getting him an outfit. :( I know, I know. He had a t-shirt at least!

Soooo, Coen was an OCTOPUS! A blue octopus to be specific! See?

I got this idea from a magazine and, yes, I made it. It was SUPER hard to cut....and tape.....and, OK, yeah it was a cinch. I thought it turned out cute though. It even looks cute on Julie!
We spent Friday evening at Mom and Dad's house eating food and carving pumpkins. Becky and Jamie came home and so we all got to hang out! Hooray! We watched The Great Pumpkin, of course, and carved Jack-O-Lanterns!


We spent Saturday out and about during the day and home at night. We had a WONDERFUL lunch  at Rio Mambo and ate outside on the patio because the weather was beautiful. Coen loves Mexican food!!




Emily said...

super cute octopus!!

Amy said...

Thanks Emily! I loved your "Lil Stinker" too! So cute!

mifzal raziq said...

very cute.