Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Food, Baby!

Well, we're on to baby food! Actually, Coen started rice cereal when he turned five mos. old. (I don't wanna hear it from all you LaLeche moms out there) I figured that baby food was right around the corner and wanted to break in the Beaba we got for Christmas. I knew I could make some of the starter recipes and freeze them, so when we were ready for food I wouldn't have to scramble to make anything.
So I called up my friend Becca in Arlington. Her sweet Elinor is only a month or so older than Coen, so why not try out some of our homemade baby food on her? We made sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, apples and pears and apples and pears with cinnamon(which are sooooo good). It was really fun and easy to make and Elinor loved it!!
Here's Becca with our first batch of carrots.

Me making the apples and pears

Coen oogling Elinor. He loved watching her!

The fruits (and vegetables) of our labor!

A few weeks ago I started introducing Coen to it and he loves everything!! He's a great eater too. Since then I've made sweet potato with broccoli, mashed banana and mashed avocado. He hated the avocado. He didn't spit it out though. Just swallowed and then shuttered. It's pretty funny!

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Stephanie said...

LOL at your La Leche League comment. That's funny.

I loved making Ben's baby food. Lucy didn't eat pureed foods (she wasn't interested, and really didn't eat solids until 10 months). Ben loved it...and I liked knowing what exactly he was eating. Have fun making it for Cohen.

By the way, your friend Becca looks REALLY familiar. Does she go to Travis Ave? If so we were in the same Sunday school department.