Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Daniel turned thirty two on April 10th! Thirty two?!?!? I'm married to an old man!! I remember when my dad turned thirty. Some of his friends came over and brought a paper sack filled with fake pills, a magnafying glass and other such things. I thought it meant that he was fixin to die.Wow. Now it's our turn.

I got him his very own iPod shuffle! (so he would quit hogging the one we share) :)
Later that evening we were dropping Coen off at my parents house so we could go out to eat. We were not a half a mile down the road and our car died. Maybe it's an omen. Haha! Kidding Dan! Happy Belated Blog Birthday Wishes!!

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teamwilhite said...

Surely your car is not 32 years old though...I mean that is OLD. I think my dad is the only one on the road driving a car THAT old!