Thursday, March 5, 2009

N is for Nursery

No, we're not having another baby. Not yet that is! ;) I was sitting and thinking the other day about how I would decorate another nursery if we had another boy. I kinda covered all of my bases when I decorated Coen's room in "Nostalgic Boy". I figured the next boy nursery would have to be an actual theme. I decided to go with "Farm". Wouldn't that be cute? Tractors and barns and farm animals? I'm so excited! After thinking about it for a while, I remembered that I never posted pictures of Coen's room because the uploader thing wasn't really working at the time. So... here ya go!

I love the blue color on the walls. I do wish it had a least one window though. It would have at least made cuter pics.


teamwilhite said...

It is a perfectly wonderful nursery!

Stephanie said...

You guys did a great job! I love his nursery. Very cute.

Daniel and Amy said...

Thanks guys!