Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas time is here....

Christmas has come and gone, but my decorations have remained the same....all over my house. This Christmas was a special one. Our first as parents and Coen's first ever. I thought that the warm temperatures would be a real damper on the "Christmas feel", but I really enjoyed the change. Especially where Coen was concerned, no heavy blankets to carry and no wind. It was nice. We spent lots of time with family and were blessed to have our own little Christmas to ourselves on Christmas morning. Daniel and I exchanged gifts, and Coen got a few, of course.I think his favorite was the "Children's Anthology of Poetry". ;)

We spent most of the day at my parents house, opening presents and eating cheese. Haha! Daniel got his first gun!! If he were writing this blog I am sure he would tell you how cool it is and what kind of gun it is and how awesome the scope is. However, I am writing this, so I can tell you it's brown, and it's the kind of gun you shoot deer with. More importantly though, I got a vacuum! Ho yeah! It's a Dyson slim and it ROCKS!

Plus I got a MOBY!! So excited! My friend Becca told me about the Moby and I liked it a lot better than the sling I had, so I asked Santa and he delivered!

All in all it was a great Christmas. God is good.

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