Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby Einstein: A Tribute

My most favorite thing these days is Coen's Baby Einstein toy. More importantly it's his favorite thing. I know that, if he is well fed, he will sit under that thing and stare for hours. Ok, well not hours, but long enough for me to take a shower or cook diner. I have memorized all of the songs it plays, which can be annoying as I find myself humming them every so often. I love how the toys can be moved around and added to. I think it keeps things interesting. For the first time, about a week ago, Coen grabbed at the links I had hanging from one side. I was so excited! I took about a thousand pictures. See?

I guess I should cherish the time where he's this entertained. Pretty soon he'll be old enough to get bored with this kind of thing quickly, and he'll be on the move. Remember that when you pass me on the streets and I'm stinky and carrying take out. :)

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The Murray's said...

He smiles! How cute!!! Oh, and I love that new picutre of you and Daniel on the side! Hot couple!